Misfit Mayhem


Image/Graphics by catladymeow

Misfit Toys

Eleyna Hanslovan, Assistant Editor

The last two years during the holidays at West Branch, Student Government has planned elaborate and student-motivating holiday class competitions that encourage school spirit and charitable donation. Because of the success from last year’s Reindeer Games class competition, Student Government has decided to yet again coordinate a holiday contest for grades 9-12 to participate in.

This year the competition has a new name of Misfit Mayhem, inspired by the movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the island of Misfit Toys. This competition will begin on Tuesday, December 10th and end on Thursday, December 19th. During the first week, Tuesday to Friday, students are to bring in food bank donations for points. Depending on need and price of the items brought in, the points awarded to that class can vary. The list of food donations and the points they are worth are listed below:

Cereal=7 points

Canned meat=3 points

Canned fruit=3 points

Canned pasta=3 points

Peanut butter=3 points

Jelly=3 points

Instant Oatmeal (box of 10)=3 points

Canned veggies=1 point

Boxed mac and cheese=1 point

6 pack of Ramen=1 point


During the second week, Monday the 16th to Thursday the 19th, students are to bring in donations for the SPCA. Again, the points awarded to the grade for items brought in can vary depending on the price and need of the item. The list of SPCA donations and the points they are worth are listed below:

Dog and cat beds=10 points

Bagged dog food—Purina One=10 points

Kong toys for dogs=10 points

Canned kitten food (12 pack) =8 points

Blankets=5 points

Peanut butter=3 points

Large jugs of bleach=2 points

Paper towels (1 roll)=1 point

Along with donating to charities for points, another way of receiving points is by finding holiday cards in the building each day. Starting on Wednesday, December 10th to Thursday, December 19th, ten misfit characters will be hidden daily throughout the high school. The business hall, cafeteria hall and C wing halls are all included in the searching boundary. Cards will not be hidden in classrooms and will not be in the middle school area of the building either. Students can search through the halls in their free period looking for the misfit toys. If a card is found, return it to Mrs. Hanslovan’s room, 157, to receive the points.

At the end of the second week, the points for each grade will be counted and the top two classes with the most points will participate in the Friday assembly before Christmas vacation against a select teacher team. The three teams will then compete in the Misfit Mayhem relay and one will be crowned the champions.