Staff Member of the Month


West Branch’s Custodial Staff has been chosen for Staff Member of the Month of December. Over the years, the custodians at West Branch have gone above and beyond to make the school a safe and clean environment. The staff consists of 11 members. They work year-round and take on many hard tasks around the school. Maintenance supervisor, Dave Catherman implemented the plan to rebuild the softball and baseball dugouts in 2018. Custodians Dale Neff and Tim Beverage worked on the project for several months. John Galley, a key member of the custodial staff, has been working at West Branch for nine years. He shared that during the school year custodians clean floors, take care of bathrooms and clear the cafeteria of any garbage. Over the summer, custodians uptake more outdoor tasks, such as painting the parking lot spaces and cleaning the field house.

Dave Catherman is new to the staff at West Branch, and has done a great job at leading the maintenance and custodial staff. Dave was previously a traveler, so he decided to work closer to home. He says his favorite part of working as a Maintenance Supervisor is “The interactions with people in the school.” Dave shares that students and other members of the school should be aware of how hard his team works each day of the year.

Custodians often go unrecognized for everything they do for the school.

Eddie Dale appreciates the custodians because “They do a lot of tasks that require hard manual labor, like building dugouts for the baseball team.”

“They clean unsanitary items around the school that no other staff would want to do,” explains Lexy Smeal.

Mrs. Levonick emphasizes “I absolutely love our custodians. John Galley, my custodian, is so helpful. When I need things he does it right away. Mr. Catherman, our new supervisor, does a great job at organizing our maintenance staff and making sure all our needs are taken care of.”

With the holidays rolling around, the custodians deserve some extra appreciation as they only get two days off. Thank you to the custodial staff for all the effort and work they put in at West Branch!