Alumni Watch: Rachelle Turner


Image/Graphics by Sue Betts

Rachelle Turner smiles for a picture as she stands in front of a United States Air Force aircraft.

Eleyna Hanslovan, Assistant Editor

For the next graduate in the Warrior Watch series Alumni Watch, Rachelle Turner has been selected. Turner pursued a career in the United States Air Force after graduating from West Branch in 2008.  She, like other graduates, has chosen to serve our country,  something for which everyone at West Branch is thankful.

After graduating from West Branch, Turner went straight to college at Slippery Rock University. However, after being enrolled at Slippery Rock for three years, Turner decided that she was not enjoying college nor her major and then subsequently decided to leave college and join the United States Air Force. By enlisting in the USAF,  Turner was not wasting money at Slippery Rock and became more independent. Currently, Turner is stationed at RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom. She has an associate’s degree from the Air Force Community College and is enrolled at Arizona State University finishing her bachelor’s degree.

On a daily basis, Turner’s duties are to manage the United States Air Force aircrew flight equipment shop where she checks the flying schedules of the US aircraft, provides the pilots and crew members with the essential and accurate equipment needed for flights, and maintains and inspects the quality of the flight gear, like helmets, masks, and other articles. Also, Turner is an Aircrew Instructor where she teaches and educates the aircrew on the proper and correct way of using the life saving gear when up in the air.

Turner said, “I love meeting new people and experiencing new things and I also like that I can make a difference in peoples’ lives. A lot of what I do is thankless and there are some days where I just don’t know what I am doing here, but the rare occasions when someone I am supervising or mentoring or even just ran into on the job, lets me know that I have helped them or taught them or lead them in a better direction, it’s very satisfying.”

For her future, Turner plans to finish her 20 years in the military and then pursue a career in the medical field. Currently, Turner is finishing her bachelors degree in Integrative Health at Arizona State University online. In her free time away from working and school, Turner loves to travel and experience the many unique and broad cultures and lifestyles across the globe.

Rachelle Turner and a colleague pose for a photo during a work day in RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom.
Sue Betts
Rachelle Turner and a colleague pose for a photo during a work day in RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom.