Staff Member of the Month


Image/Graphics by Kaitlyn McGonigal

Dave Williamson posed in front of the new gym court.

The Staff Member of the Month for January is Dave Williamson. Mr. Williamson is the Pupil Services Coordinator at West Branch. His job includes titles as Athletic Director, Transportation Coordinator, Attendance Administrator, and District Registrar. As well as being the Pupil Services Coordinator, he also serves as the Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach. Mr. Williamson has been apart of leading the athletics program at West Branch for over sixteen years. As the Athletic Director, his long days include organizing, attending, and facilitating sporting events and activities.

Mr. Williamson is an alumnus from the West Branch graduating class of 1999. In high school, he participated in baseball, football, and wrestling. After graduation, Mr. Williamson went on to attend Lock Haven University. Because of the opportunities he received as an athlete during his high school years, Mr. Williamson decided to become an Athletic Director. This position would allow him to have the chance to work with student-athletes and their athletic opportunities and futures. Due to his love for West Branch, Mr. Williamson pursued a career in his hometown. Some of his many inspiring mentors include; Gary Hubler, Gary Bickel, and David Learish.

Some of Mr. Williamson’s hobbies in his little time outside of West Branch are golfing and running. Mr. Williamson is also a father of two, and the husband of Kelly Williamson. He says his biggest supporters are his wife and family.

Mr. Williamson is appreciated by many students and staff members at West Branch:

Sarah Betts says, “He stops in the halls to talk to students, and attends many of the sporting events. He’s very supportive.”

John Myers explains, “He pushes me and everyone else on the team to be the best wrestlers we can be.”

Ayden Gutierrez expresses, “Mr. Williamson is a remarkable man who does so much for our community. He’s constantly supporting our athletes, even though he’s a coach of the wrestling team. Personally, he’s given me a ton of advice and has helped me shape together my future. I’m very thankful for him.”

Kamryn MacTavish says, “I appreciate that he takes time out of his busy day to help people out with their questions and problems.”

Aaron Myers shares, “He pushes you to do better in wrestling and also in school.”

A huge thank you and much appreciation goes out to Dave Williamson for all of the hard work he has put in over the years at West Branch!

Mr. Williamson expresses, “I’ve had the opportunity and am blessed to work with so many great people and coaches.  As well as the support from the school board, administrators, maintenance staff and athletic trainer. It’s a group effort.”