Class of 2020: Adopt a Senior Project

With the Class of 2020 not able to complete their final months as seniors, the community has rallied together to show their support. It was created by a 2020 class graduate’s parent. You can go to the Facebook page and look at the seniors in need of being adopted. You get to see their stories and what they plan on doing after their graduation. When you adopt a senior you can send them a card, encouraging note, or a gift big or small. It doesn’t matter, any way to show them that you care. It originated as a page to adopt the seniors but since there are so many families of seniors on the page, it has also functioned as a way to communicate between the parents and the school district. As of May 4th, all seniors have been adopted at least once. A senior can be adopted multiple times. If you would like to adopt a senior, please click here.