Class of 2020 says Goodbye


Image/Graphics by Ayden Gutierrez

This graduating class will go down in history. Goodbye, Class of 2020.

The last nine weeks of your senior year are arguably the best weeks of your high school career, according to almost every previous high school graduate. However, for this years seniors, you could argue that they were the most miserable. Prom, class trips, spring sports, and the traditional graduation: All cancelled. After Covid-19 wreaked havoc worldwide, schools at all levels were forced to shut down. When students left school on March 13th, they were unaware that they wouldn’t return for the 2019-2020 school year. The seniors left the school that day for the last time of their high school careers. They left without saying goodbye to teachers, staff, classrooms and friends. This graduating class has been dealt a very unfortunate hand. Although the seniors were unable to tell their classmates goodbye, they were given an opportunity to do so in the Yearbook.

Rachel Russell said, “Even though we have had a rough ending to our senior year, this is a memory that will last a lifetime. On March 13th, we didn’t know that it was our last day as a high school student. I know we will overcome this difficult time and be stronger together. I wish you all a successful and bright future! Congratulations to the Class of 2020!”

Jarod Koleno stated, “Class of 2020. What a time, right? Born after one of the scariest moments in American history, graduating during a pandemic. What a way to live, eh? Here’s to many more historic events in our future!”

Noah Shingledecker said, “Good luck to my fellow classmates in your future endeavors! I know that I am looking forward to the future.”

As for myself, this is the last time that I will write as a member of the Warrior Watch. I have tremendously enjoyed bringing our school’s news to this great community. It was always a dream of mine to be able to write for my school newspaper, and I’m very honored to have done so for the past two years. To Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Fry, I will forever be grateful that you reached out to me about starting a school newspaper. Thank you both for trusting in me to help get this paper off of the ground and running, and thank you for helping a dream of mine come to fruition. To Mrs. Levonick, thank you for stepping in and helping out this school year. You gave up your free time to stay after school on a number occasions for us, and for that, I thank you. To my fellow writers, continue to provide our community with the amazing things that our school does. This is an amazing thing that we have going, and I know that you all will continue to go above and beyond.

This graduating class will go down in the history books. No other group has had to go through what this class has, yet I have full confidence that this class will prevail. Congratulations to the newest graduating class, the Class of 2020.