Alumni Watch: Caleb Glaser


Photo credits to Caleb Glasser

Caleb Glaser working on new developments in the field of nanotechnology.

Caleb Glaser has been chosen as the next alumni in the Warrior Watch series Alumni Watch. Glaser, after graduating from West Branch in 2007, pursued an extensive education and now works in a field of power electronics and consumption of electrical energy. On a regular basis, Glaser works on research on how to improve and scale down the use of power.

Originally, Glaser went to Lock Haven University for computer science, a field which he wasn’t enjoying. However, after a friend suggested he take a nanotechnology course, he realized that he wanted to change his major. He received a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics with a Concentration in Nanotechnology shortly after. Glaser said, “Sometimes I think that if my friend had suggested I take a writing class, I might have settled into a different career altogether.”

Following his first college graduation, Glaser began his first professional job at IBM Research in New York. Later, he enrolled at the University of New Mexico to get his Master’s degree in Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering. He graduated with his Master’s in 2019. Currently, Glaser is still in school working on his PhD in Nanoscience and Microsystems Engineering at UNM and estimates he will graduate around 2022. In the meantime, he works at Sandia National Laboratories located on Kirtland Airforce Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Glaser said he enjoys this field because it is fairly new, meaning that there are many unanswered questions. He says this, solving difficult questions, can be challenging; however, once the final results are determined, the feeling of accomplishment is the best kind of reward. Also, Glaser enjoys the variety and expansion which his field allows for his research.  He enjoys that he can see where the technology will advance and improve before the rest of society does.

For the future in his career field, Glaser hopes to graduate with his PhD and start proposing some new and advanced ideas. He looks forward to working with other experts in his field to ultimately improve the overall life for people as new ways to limit consumption of electricity are developed.

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