West Branch Football Playoff Hopes End in Loss Against Williamsburg


Image/Graphics by Oliver Cardall

West Branch took on Williamsburg at Tiger Stadium on October 16th

In the intense game that determined if the Warriors made the conference playoffs, hopes for the Warriors were high. The West Branch versus Williamsburg game started with the Warriors kicking off. After an accidental onside kick, the ball was recovered by the Warriors on the 50 yard line. West Branch started to drive, but after a failed fourth down conversion, turned the ball over on the 30 yard line. The Pirates then drove down the field, scored a touchdown, and continued to score again on a 2-point conversion. The Warriors were forced to punt after getting stopped by the Pirates; however, the snap was low and the punt was blocked giving the ball to the opposing team at the 30 yard line. Williamsburg then scored a touchdown and received points from a two-point conversion. The Warriors got the ball and got three-and-out, forcing them to punt the ball back to the Pirates, scoring again making it 24-0. West Branch responded by returning the kickoff for a touchdown but missed the PAT. The Pirates scored after returning the kickoff to the 50 yard line and then drove down the field. They also made the two-point conversion. The Warriors were determined to stay in the game and scored after going 45 yards in 10 plays; however, they failed to convert the two-point conversion. West Branch got the ball after a failed fourth down conversion from Williamsburg, meaning they had to punt the ball after a three-and-out. This resulted in handing the ball over to Williamsburg with one more chance in the half. Will Herring then picked off the Williamsburg quarterback to end the half.

At the start of the second half, the Warriors started a drive; however, they failed on the fourth-down conversion giving the ball back to the Pirates. The opposing team then failed a fourth down conversion on the Warriors 20 yard line, giving the ball back to the Warriors. The Warriors were then forced to punt. The Pirates scored another touchdown and converted the 2-point conversion. The end score of the game was 12-50, resulting in a hard loss for the West Branch Warrior Football Team. 

West Branch       0  12    0    0

Williamsburg   24    8    8    0