Dual Enrollment


Image/Graphics by Charity Hess

Sydney Dunlap giving a speech for her public speaking class.

Dual enrollment courses are classes taken in high school that help students gain college credits in a variety of general education subjects. Penn Highlands, which is the college West Branch uses for dual enrollment, offers an array of dual enrollment classes: Introduction to Sociology, US History I and II,  Public Speaking, Honors Chemistry, English Composition, and Calculus. These classes are great because students are taking the classes anyway and for a fraction of what college classes normally cost they can earn a college credit. This year each credit costs $63. Mrs. Hubler says “It’s a big advantage because it lets students lighten their load or it also lets them graduate quicker.” Every student asked about their dual enrollment credits said that their credits were accepted by the college they chose. If students take all the credits offered by West Branch, they can graduate with 16 college credits! Students are recommended to take advantage of these opportunities as soon as possible.