Adopt or Shop?

Two pups that are warm and safe for the winter!

Image/Graphics by Becca DiFabbio

Two pups that are warm and safe for the winter!

Though most of us have pets, one thing we always let slip out of our consideration is the significance of where we get them from. Many of us neglect to think about the importance of our pets’ background, which is actually substantial due to what this past brings our fur buddies’ future. 

Most animals, mainly dogs, come from either a breeder or the local shelters. More than two million dogs have been bought bred every year, 7.6 million of those being sheltered each year. Unfortunately, only 3.3 million are even adopted out of that 7.6 million.

To shed some light on the reasoning of “adopting”, rather than shopping, many do not take into consideration the fact that most animals born every year end up homeless with no fault of their own. Just think about how many homeless animals are waiting for families the next time you think about going to a pet store or buying from a breeder. Rescuing one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog, the world, their future, it will be changed forever.

Many people think of the word “damaged” when they think of rescues. Whatever makes them think that is wrong. Rescues are not “damaged”, they have just been let down by humans. When adopting any animal, it is detrimental to take time: take time to meet the scared ones, shy ones, the older ones, the ones that “don’t stick out to you”, and even the ones that have “boring” colors or missing limbs. It can be promised that as long as you do this, your furmate for life will be matched with you. If for some reason you don’t find who you are looking for right away, don’t be discouraged.

Still don’t understand why “shopping” is wrong? It promotes breeders. Breeding is terribly wrong for many reasons, besides the fact of overpopulated shelters. Many people feel that breeding, somehow, gives a “superior” pet. Not only is this false, but the act of breeding is irresponsible & harmful for any animal’s health. Breeding also promotes puppy mills, who treat their animals as cash crops. Buying from breeders is just as unethical as buying from any puppy mill.

I want to make at least some of an impact on the choices of anyone who reads this article. Hopefully, this makes people understand that breeding is extremely bad for animals and is also detrimental for many animals in shelters to be adopted. I really think if you read this article, it will make a bigger impact on your views of just shopping for a dog, and maybe you will adopt when you are ready, or even encourage a friend that is looking for a pet.