Male Athlete Senior Spotlight


Image/Graphics by photo credits: Tracey Pierce Bone

Jack Danko has been selected for Senior Spotlight of the week 12/14/20

In order to appreciate the hard work both in the classroom and in extracurriculars, the Warrior Watch chooses a weekly senior to praise for his or her dedication. For the week of 12/14/20, the Warrior Watch is proud to select Jack Danko as the Male Senior Spotlight.

Jack is a tremendous athlete that participates in both cross country and track. Since joining cross country his freshman year,  his overall best time is a 20:21. Jack has shown amazing effort over the years in cross country by never giving up and pushing his limits to achieve his goals. Jack has also been a great asset to the track team here at WB. 

In addition to sports, Jack has been in drama for four years.  He has been in the The Wizard of Oz  and was casted as the Tin Man and was casted as the uncover butler in the play The Clue

Jack Danko is a very hard working athlete and student. Jack chooses to take challenging classes at WB, demonstrating his academic dedication.

Facts About Jack


Parents: Paula and Pete Danko

Siblings: Allie and pets: Ruby, Tille

Favorite Restaurant: Chic-fil-a

Favorite Song: Halloween, But All Year

Favorite Car: 1971 Datsun 240 Z

Future Plans: Attend South Hills Tech for two years to get a degree in Engineering Technology


Photo caption: Jack Danko has been selected for Senior Spotlight of the week 12/14/20

Photo credits: Photo taken by Tracey Pierce Bone