High School Journalism Matters


Image/Graphics by Photo Credits: Savana Olivas

If you want to change the world, journalism is just the weapon.

Journalism can never be silent and that is the greatest virtue and downfall.  Now, what is journalism? Journalism is factual evidence of news and information gathered, assessed, and created, then brought to the newspaper. That may have the average person wondering, “why is it important for high schoolers to be able to do this?” One can take a look and see why high schools all over the world should have access to journalism, and even their own school newspaper. 

Students need to be heard and journalism is just the right way to do it. No student is just like the other. Each student has stories and different learning styles. When a school newspaper is made, students can express their opinions and even important views and news to other students, teachers, and staff. The secret to education lies in respecting student views. When a student is able to make express their feelings, this impacts both the student and the school community.

“Twenty percent of students who worked on their school newspapers or yearbooks achieved higher grade point averages in high school, scored better on the ACT and demonstrated better writing and grammar skills in college than students who did not have those journalism experiences.”

Something you may not have even thought about at first, is that journalism can even help students educate themselves and become better students overall. When a student writes for his high school newspaper, it gives them confidence in their grammar and writing ability, resulting in a better attitude and learning ability in the classroom. The biggest benefit out of the whole experience is the fact that the student journalist can use journalism to their advantage and improve their education from writing in this style. 

Not only does the school newspaper help those students that work on it, but it can even reach out to the students that do not write for it, and encourage them to study harder and do their best in school. The newspaper does so by giving credit to honor roll students and even athletes that are doing their part. Sports are something that becomes more encouraged through high school newspapers, and they get more participation as well. 

Journalism remains to be a proven way to empower students and keep them on their toes. Teachers can also listen to their students through the newspaper. The educational impact that student journalism has on teenagers is impressive. If there is one thing that everyone should take from this article is that high school journalism matters and every student should be able to have a voice and be heard.


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