Male Athlete Senior Spotlight


Image/Graphics by Photo credits to Megan Kerlin

Jacob Martin has been selected as Male Athlete Senior Spotlight of the week 1/11/21

Greetings West Branch Warriors. Welcome back to the branch! For the week of 1/11/21, the male candidate for Senior Spotlight is Jacob Martin.

Jacob is, of course, a senior athlete here at the branch and has participated in football, baseball, and badminton during his years here. Martin is the former tenth grade badminton champion of West Branch and the former freshman runner-up badminton champion as well. Jacob has played football for six years and just played his last season with the Warrior football team. He will be missed by his teammates and coaches as he was a great asset. Jacob also participates in baseball and is hoping to play his last Warrior season in the spring of this year. 

Jacob is not only an athlete at WB, but he is also an honor student here as well. Jacob is in the National Honors Society and has devoted many hours to becoming a better student. Jacob plans on attending college at Penn State Dubois and beginning as undecided. Jacob has weathered the COVID-19 storm and has kept his grades in tip-top shape to reach his goal of attending Penn State Dubois. Jacob has said that COVID-19 has definitely made “school tougher,” but not impossible. 

Facts About Jacob:

Parents: Harv and Holly Martin

Siblings: Jesse Martin

Favorite Breakfast: McGriddle

Favorite Console: Xbox > PS4

Favorite TV Show: Family Guy