Female Athlete of the Week – Katrina Cowder


Image/Graphics by Photo credits to Rhonda Bailor

Katrina Cowder has been selected as Warrior Watch’s Female Athlete of the Week.

Katrina Cowder has been selected as Warrior Watch’s Female Athlete of the Week for the week beginning 2/15/21.

Katrina, a freshman on the Lady Warriors Varsity basketball team, has been a tremendous addition to the 2021 roster. She plays the center position for the Lady Warriors and excels in every match-up the team faces. Cowder is also much taller than your average freshman student-athlete, which provides her a huge advantage on top of her natural abilities. She retrieves many rebounds for the team and her post moves help the ladies consistently in the paint, making her a huge threat to her competitors. 

Sarah Betts, senior basketball star and team captain says, “Katrina is always the one ready to give you a high-five, even if you messed up. She is constantly supporting others on the team, no matter the score or how the team is performing.” 

Cowder will continue to be a very successful athlete and exceptional teammate for years to come in all her sports.

Facts about Katrina:

Sports involvement: Basketball & volleyball.

What do you enjoy most about basketball?: Building bonds with teammates.

Hobbies: Other than sports, trying new restaurants.

Favorite restaurant: Applebee’s.

What are your goals for next season?: Be better than last season.