Male Senior Spotlight – Todd Howe


Image/Graphics by Manning Photography

Todd Howe has been selected as the Male Senior Spotlight for the week of 3/22/21.

Todd Howe has been selected as this week’s male Senior Spotlight. Todd is a student at the West Branch High School, he is an honor student and is involved with the drama club. 

Todd has been in drama club for three years and has been in some amazing shows like The Wizard of Oz, Clue: on Stage, and he is currently practicing for the current role Jud in Oklahoma!. Todd is also a pretty big Marvel fan as well. He has watched all the Marvel movies and shows. Todd’s favorite Marvel movie is Thor: Ragnarok. 

Todd Howe is a pretty funny and creative student of the Class of 2021 and will be dearly missed by all of his friends and teachers of West Branch High School. After Todd graduates, he wants to go to college and pursue his career in web design. 


Facts About Todd:

Grade: 12

Parents: Todd Howe and Angela Michaels 

Siblings: Doug Howe 

Favorite Pokemon: Garchomp

Favorite Beverage: Orange Crush

Would you rather have Spider-Man’s webs or have the Iron Man suit?  Iron Man’s suit because it is more than just webs.