All About Student Government


2018 Senior Mural

Eleyna Hanslovan, Author

West Branch Student Government has accomplished many things over the past year and has plans to grow the club and to add more activities for students. Advisor of Student Government, Mrs.Hanslovan said, “We made a lot of progress as an organization during the 2017-2018 year, and we want to plan more events, get more students involved, and continue to improve the spirit at West Branch.”

Last year the club planned events for students, such as The Twelve Days of Christmas, an event where each grade competed by donating to charity funds and collecting Christmas cards every day during a scavenger hunt to earn points. The three grades with the most points participated in a relay race during an assembly. The SPCA and Food Bank were astonished by the amount of supplies they each received after the competition. The Twelve Days of Christmas event influenced Student Government to plan an Easter event as well.

Last year, West Branch Student Government added some color to the school by adding a senior mural and art work throughout the building. The senior mural was an opportunity for 2018 graduates to leave a positive message behind at their alma mater. The club also added three other pieces of art to the hallways.

Student Government would like to do a senior mural for the 2019 graduating class as well. In addition continue all the events from last year and add more. Senior and treasurer of Student Government, Morgan Emigh said, “I hope to see Student Government positively influence the atmosphere in the school and make people excited about coming to West Branch.” This is the hope of many including new member Noah Fry who also says the he wants to make the school a more enjoyable place to be.

Membership is up as many new students have joined the organization and are excited to continue to improve the school. They get underway with this year’s activities as they prepare for Homecoming on September 28.