Help Make a Difference


Image/Graphics by Freepik

Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22nd since 1970.

Think of one thing that you can do today to help protect the environment or what is one change that you could make in your everyday routine that may help our environment?

There is one common thing we all have done in the past year that helps protect our environment. Our school, among most schools, has replaced paper with technology. Due to the pandemic, most learning has been done online on a laptop. This helps reduce the need to cut down trees. Trees help remove carbon dioxide, which provides better air for us to breathe in. You can also plant some trees on your own. Planting trees is considered one of the most effective ways to fight climate change.

Biking or walking instead of driving is also another way that we can help protect our environment. Since we live in a rural area, this is a hard one to tackle. Even though the main purpose is to cut down on fuel, they remain healthier alternatives nonetheless.

Another common way we can help our environment is by recycling. When you are done drinking your can of soda, what do you do with the can? Most of us just throw it away into the nearest trash can. Recycling would be the better option. Most municipalities offer recycling bins to dispose of recyclable items. There are also recycling cans near trash cans in some places, such as parks or schools. Using a reusable beverage container can also be a better choice. Next time that you are out shopping, buy your favorite drink in bulk. This also helps save your money while you are protecting the environment.

Sometimes we don’t think of the small changes we can make that make a difference. It can be as easy as buying reusable bags to bag your groceries in. Most stores now offer these. Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. These bags fill up landfills and they are also harmful to the curious wildlife out there that can get stuck in them. 

Earth day is Thursday, April 22. Let’s join together and make some changes to take better care of our environment.