See You At the Pole

This event was held for those who want to pray for everyone in our town or other people they may know.


Image/Graphics by Photo Credits: Jaylin Wood

This flag is where the “See You At The Pole” will be held.

“There is no failure that cannot be healed,” said Mr. Learish who is an activate leader at West Branch High School, especially with FCA. See You At The Pole is starting this school year right by having a meeting last monday. See You At The Pole, also known as SYATP, is led by David Learish and the students. They met at the flagpole to pray for the school and people within. 

See You At The Pole has been an on-going event for many years. This event is for anyone, no matter if your a christian or non-christian. Usually about 15-20 students, local pastors, and church members attend this event.Mr. Learish lead the group with some scriptures. He and the other members prayed for administration, students, faculty, staff, and the nation.