West Branch Competes in 2nd Invitational of the Year

Sage Carr finishes first for West Branch


Image/Graphics by Micheal Frey

Michael Frey competes as the new member of the team.

West Branch went head to head with multiple schools in the 1st invitational Cross Country meet of the year. It was a test of durability that challenged even the best of runners. The course of this meet was a tough one, with hills, long stretches, and woody conditions. 

“That was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Respect to you guys for doing this all the time.” said first-year runner Michael Frey. West Branch did not place, but the team was proud of the times and performances they had at one of the hardest courses they will have to face.

Bradley Wood, Sage Carr, Noah Ryder, Michael Frey, and Jacob Alexander competed in the boys’ race for the invitational. Erika Alexander, Alexa Prestash, and Emma Petriskey competed for the girls’ race. Carr finished 1st and Ryder 2nd for the West Branch team, but unfortunately not overall. Alexa Prestash finished 21st for the girls’ overall race and 1st for West Branch. The team looks to beat their personal times in their upcoming meets.