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The Student News Source of West Branch Area High School

Warrior Watch

The Student News Source of West Branch Area High School

Warrior Watch

Female Athlete of the Week : Lady Warrior Soccer Seniors

The seniors on the Lady Warrior Soccer team have been selected as the Female Athletes of the week
Image/Graphics by Angie Fenush
The lady warrior soccer seniors blow kisses at teammate Paige Washic.

 The Lady Warrior soccer team’s nine seniors have been selected as this week’s Female Athletes of the Week for the week ending 10/23/21. They have been selected due to each of their individual skills and attributes that they bring to the undefeated season for the Warriors, as well as the title of ICC champs and success in District 6 playoffs thus far. 

Anna Diviney has played soccer since she was six. She plays both attacking wing position, as well as a right back defensive position. For the last four years on varsity, Diviney has sent in beautiful crosses from the right wing position. Allowing many of her strikers to get goals. Defensively, Diviney is a smart player on defense who knows when and what to do with the ball. Olivia Straka said, “Anna always pushes herself when she’s on the field, even to the point where she is literally dying.”

Facts About Anna:

Parents: Chad and Molly Diviney 

Siblings: Abby Diviney 

Future plans: Attend college and become a PA

Favorite food: Chick-fil-a

Favorite movie: Back to the Future 

Favorite soccer memory: When Liv Straka peed in a cup on the bus

Biggest rival: Penns Valley 


Olivia Stavola has been playing soccer since she was three. Again, she is a very diverse player that can take on a majority of the positions on the field. This season however she has played a solid defensive game on left defense. She is one of the fastest dribblers and sprinters on our team, as well as one of the best ball handlers. Although she plays a defensive position, Stavola contributes a lot to the offensive success as well. She has had multiple assists this season and is able to take any player 1v1 and win possession. Teammate Madison Kehpart said, “Stavola is a rock on defense. She is very reliable and trustworthy when she has possession of the ball.” 

Facts About Stavola:

Parents: Jessica Stavola

Siblings: Too many 

Future plans: Attend college and veterinary school to become an animal pathologist 

Favorite food: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo 

Favorite movie: The Goonies

Favorite soccer memory: Spilling honey mustard on Lauren 

Biggest rival: Bishop Guilfoyle 


Eleyna Hanslovan has been playing soccer since she was five years old. She plays in the center back and attacking midfield positions. However, her favorite position is attacking midfield. Along with Mariah Hayles, she owns the midfield. Hanslovan is a master of moves and dribbling through defenders. Despite being a defender, she even scores a few goals for the soccer team. She is always determined to win the ball no matter the opponent. She is a leader on the field and is always directing teammates to where they need to be. Teammate and fellow senior Mariah Hayles reflected on her teammates abilities and said, “I know that I always have E to back me up on the field no matter what.”

Facts About Eleyna:

Parents: Mark and Ronda Hanslovan

Siblings: Mark and Samantha Hanslovan

Future plans: Attend Bloomsburg college and study medical imaging as well as have a lot of cats 

Favorite food: Allen fries and hot dogs

Favorite movie: Nerve

Favorite soccer memory: Blaming everything on Hannah Betts…. especially the bus ride home from states

Biggest rival: Bishop Guilfoyle 


Lauren Timblin has been playing soccer since she was six years old. She is an offensive staple for the lady warriors. Timblin plays both right and left wing, as well as she can take on the striker position. She is a quick attacker who is able to take on players and win possession with her quick touches and moves. Timblin is one of the most prominent assisters on the team as she can send in crosses from both sides of the field. Teammate Katlyn Folmar said, “Lauren is a great attacking wing. She always gets to balls and hustles when the ball is kicked down the sideline.”

Facts About Lauren:

Parents: Walt and Wendy Timblin

Siblings: None

Future plans: Go to college for nursing, travel, and start a family 

Favorite food: pasta 

Favorite movie: Avengers: End Game 

Favorite soccer memory: When Hannah stepped on the ball in warmups and hit her head 

Biggest rival: Mo Valley 


Madison Kephart has been playing soccer since she was three years old. She plays center back for the soccer team. She is responsible for clearing the ball out and pressuring the opponent in the instance that the offensive and defensive lines are broken. Kephart is known to be very calm, cool, and collected on the field. She is smart with the ball and makes quick decisions during play. Kephart is a solid defender and saves the team from many close calls near the net. She also takes the goal kicks for the team, sending perfect balls to the feet of wings and outside backs alike. Kephart always finds a way to get open for her teammates to drop the ball to her. Teammate Paige Washic said a bit about Kephart, “Madison is the defender we all trust and can count on, even in the most stressful games.” 

Facts About Madison:

Parents: Geremy and Tim Kephart

Siblings: Mckenna Kephart

Future plans: Attend college for finance and foster lots of animals

Favorite food: white pizza from mabel’s

Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Favorite soccer memory: Looking for four leaf clovers before every game

Biggest rival: Mo Valley 


Katlyn Folmar, starting goalie for the Lady Warrior soccer team, started soccer in sixth grade and played offense. However, she has stepped up this season to play goalie and also plays forward for the soccer team. Despite playing offense for most of her career up until this season, Folmar is a fierce leader in the net and has been a great addition to the defensive half of the field. She recorded eight shutouts in the regular season. She directs the defense and gives advice in order to keep possession of the ball. She is a diverse player and can also play offense. On offense, she assists players for goals and makes runs in order to receive the ball. Senior Eleyna Hanslovan said a few words about Folmar’s presence on the field, “You will always hear Katlyn talking at the back half of the field. Most of the time she is directing play and instructing her teammates, the other half of the time you would find her literally panicking.”

Facts About Katlyn:

Parents: Keith and Penny Folmar

Siblings: Josh Folmar 

Future plans: Study sports medicine in college 

Favorite food: Chinese

Favorite movie: Princess bride

Favorite soccer memory: Yelling for madison to clear the ball out and she turned around and laughed in my face

Biggest rival: Mo Valley 


Paige Washic has been playing soccer since she was five. She is a versatile player who plays in many different positions, and does them well. She typically plays on the right or left wing, or on right defense. She is very fast, making it easy for her to catch offensive players and win the ball from them on defense. On offense, Washic contributes her speed by making runs and getting to the ball before opponents. She works together with the forwards to lay off balls to their feet near the net, picking up many assists along the way. Washic also works together with the defense to work the ball out of dangerous situations and back up into the offensive half. Fellow senior Anna Diviney shared this about Paige, “Paige is a great motivator for the team. She can always give you a laugh and pick her teammates back up again.” 

Facts About Paige:

Parents: Rich Washic, stepparents Nikki and Todd Dixon

Siblings: A lot of sisters

Future plans: Graduate college for forensic pathology and move down south

Favorite food: popcorn

Favorite movie: Luca 

Favorite soccer memory: Watching Eleyna drink rainwater from a puddle on a jacket at practice 

Biggest rival: Mo Valley  


Mariah Hayles has been a staple on the Lady Warrior soccer team for the last four years. She plays a defensive midfield position and controls the center of the field for the Warriors. Hayles can control any ball out of the air, as well as send numerous through balls to the attacking forwards. She has been known for literally breaking her opponents ankles, as she has one of the best foot skills on the team. Teammate Eleyna Hanslovan said, “Mariah is the most consistent and reliable player on our team. She always gives 100% and will do whatever it takes to possess the ball.” 

Facts About Mariah:

Parents: John and Tanja Hayles

Siblings: JP and Reginda Hayles

Future plans: Go to college to be an RN, move to Delaware, and start a real estate business 

Favorite food: Spaghetti 

Favorite movie: Hunger Games

Favorite soccer memory: Being back-to-back D6 champs

Biggest rival: Mo Valley 


Olivia Straka is yet another great senior player on the Lady Warrior soccer team. She plays striker and attacking Midfield positions. She is a great asset to the team, both in passing as well as scoring. She is one of the top scorers on the Lady Warrior team. Straka has one of the strongest shots on the team. Teammate and fellow attacking senior Lauren Timblin said, “Liv has good consistent passing and has great shots on goal every game. Off the field, Liv is always messing around, dancing and just having a good time.” 

Facts About Liv:

Parents: Mike and Jen Straka

Siblings: Oliver, her dog

Future plans: Go to college for early education at Waynesburg University and play college soccer

Favorite food: crab legs

Favorite movie: Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

Favorite soccer memory: When Hannah scored her first goal

Biggest rival: Mo Valley

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Olivia Stavola
Olivia Stavola, Staff Writer
Hi! I’m Olivia Stavola and I’m currently a senior here at West Branch. I play left-back for the soccer team and have won two district titles with the team. I also jump hurdles for the track and field team. Outside of school, I like hanging out with my friends and playing with my dog, Zeus. I plan to become a veterinarian in the future.