What’s My Hobby? Instagram Survivor.

Instagram Survivor provides a community for many fans of the show to bond over the game!


Image/Graphics by Noah Fry

The logo for the second season of the Instagram Survivor game I am hosting, Surfryvor. The theme takes inspiration from the Toy Story movies.

Sometime in October 2021, I was scrolling on my Instagram explore page when a certain account piqued my interest. The account was @survivor.genz, and it seemed to be an account where teenagers played a mock-version of the reality television program, Survivor. However, this version of the game is played on Instagram instead of on a beach in Fiji. Out of curiosity, I applied to Season 14, and I didn’t think anything else of it. Three months have passed, and I have played many games to this point. I even host my own Survivor game!

There are many of these Survivor accounts on Instagram, such as @shadysurvivor, @stupendous_survivor, and @swampysurvivor. They all follow the same basic format. Approximately 20 players get cast on a season; they compete in challenges, and vote each other out of group chats until one person is remaining. These challenges are usually held in group chats via Instagram DM’s, and they consist of simple games where tribes or individuals can win immunity. There are usually no prizes for the people who win these games, but sometimes, the winner might earn a small cash prize.

I am not the only student at West Branch who plays Instagram Survivor; Junior Kayleigh Smeal and Senior Paige Washic both participate in games.

As of now, I have completed six of these games, I am currently in one, and I am currently hosting one: Surfryvor (@surfryvor). While playing a game can be time-consuming, as one usually has one challenge and one tribal council per day, hosting is an even greater role to take on. My co-host, Kayleigh Smeal, and I have to plan out challenges, casting, themes, and twists. As a competitive spirit, I find coming up with challenges to be the most fun part of hosting a Survivor game on Instagram.

The reason that this “fandom” remains so strong is due to the amazing people that play these games. Even when a game ends, the cast of a certain season usually remains friends after the game is over. I, personally, have made over 20 acquaintances playing Instagram Survivor. Sometimes, one will play a game of Instagram Survivor with a castaway that he or she has played with in the past. These pre-formed relationships can make the game a bit tricky for newcomers, but can make the game easier for veterans who have many former allies in the fandom.

While one day, I hope to win a game of Instagram Survivor, my best placing remains at second place out of twenty people. However, getting to meet new people and getting the chance to participate in fun challenges is satisfactory enough for me!