Lady Warriors Topple Curwensville’s Lady Tide Twice

Jenna Mertz had a career high of 32 points.


Jenna Mertz shoots a 3 pointer in front of Curwensville defender.

The Lady Warriors had a full week of basketball having four and a half games last week. On Thursday, February 10th, girls basketball completed a game and a half away at Curwensville High School. The warriors needed to finish a previous game due cancellation halfway through because of a possible gas leak at our school. Therefore, the unfinished game had a score of 34-17 at the half with West Branch in the lead.

The Lady Warriors beat Curwensville 64-26 in Tide territory for the first game of the week. Jenna Mertz was a standout player for the Warriors, having a total of 53 combined for the night. In the first game, Mertz led the Warriors with 32 points and Katrina Cowder followed with 12 points. The Warriors did not stop with their first win and were able to push through to get a second win over Cuwensville with a score of 45-30. Jenna Mertz led the Warriors for the second game of the night with 21 points. Katrina Cowder and Erin Godin each scored nine points in the second game. 

Jenna Mertz said, “The games were really fun to play because the crowd and bench were very involved. The gym was really loud and it was a fun environment.” The team used this adrenaline throughout both of their games to take home two wins.

After the Curwensville games, the Lady Warriors have improved to a 10-9 overall record and 6-2 in the Moshannon Valley League.