Band and Choir Concerts to be Held This Month


Image/Graphics by Michael Fry

Due to last year’s COVID restrictions, the concerts had to be held indoors. However, with the restrictions lifted, this year will feature indoor concerts for the band and chorus!

With the school year coming to an end, the Concert Bands and Concert Choirs will have the opportunity to showcase their months of hard work. The choir concert will be held on Wednesday, May 11th, at 7 pm. The band concert will be held on Wednesday, May 18th, also at 7 pm. The theme for the choir concert is “What a Wonderful World”. This year, the bands and choirs will not be wearing masks, unless some of the participants choose to do so. Another change involves the choir being able to wear their choir robes this year!

This year’s choir seniors are:

Vesta Brickley – Alto
Noah Fry – Tenor
Carrie Fuller – Soprano
Jonathan Hoover – Tenor
Maya Raab – Soprano
Brandon Woods – Tenor
Brendan Zetts – Tenor

This year’s band seniors are:

Olivia Blasko – Tuba
Vesta Brickley – Clarinet
Elijah Corle – Trumpet
Noah Fry – Trumpet
Carrie Fuller – Percussion
Jonathon Hoover – Trumpet
Rylee Sabol – Flute
Brandon Woods – Trumpet
Brendan Zetts – Euphonium

Come down and support the West Branch Warrior choir and band concert on May 11th and May 18th at 7 pm. Admission is free!