Way of the Warrior

The West Branch Warrior Marching Band kicks off this fall with a tribute to The Branch.


Image/Graphics by Manning Photography

The West Branch Marching Band poses for their fall pictures.

The West Branch Warrior Marching Band was very busy this past summer. They have set their minds to become the Warrior Band that the West Branch fans know and love. The journey has not been easy, and they have encountered a few barriers along the way.

The marching band had been facing a handful of struggles over the summer. They lost 13 seniors last year, which affected the band in many ways. However, with a new year also comes new members. The band gained five Band Front members and ten instrumentalists. With the additions, the marching band now has 53 members.

The summer season started in July. The marching band performed in three parades this summer: Philipsburg, Clearfield, and Kylertown. It has always been a tradition for the Warriors to perform patriotic pieces during the summer parades. The music selection, marching while playing their instruments, and enduring miles in scorching heat while wearing heavy uniforms are all part of becoming a better band.

After parade season comes to an end, band camp begins. The Warrior Band starts with early morning practices to prepare for the following week’s music when they start placing the show on the football field. They have 8-hour rehearsals for a week to get conditioned for the football season. Being together eight hours a day for a straight week creates strong bonding between the members.

The West Branch Warrior Marching band has always strived to be the best they can be. The road to the “Way of the Warrior” is paved with hard work and dedication.