Changes in the West Branch Guidance Department

West Branch Area School District undergoes staff changes in the guidance department.


Image/Graphics by Brandy O'Hare

The new guidance counselors, Mrs. Porter and Mr. Caldwell, smile for a photo.

West Branch Guidance is experiencing exciting and notable changes for the 2022-2023 school year. Mrs. Jennifer Porter reclaims the position as WBHS counselor, and the middle school has welcomed a newly hired member, Mr. David Caldwell. In October, the elementary will be hiring a new counselor, as the current counselor, Mrs. Elliot, will be accepting a new position elsewhere.

The changes in this department stem from a long-term staff member, Mrs. Kim Hubler, retiring in June. The current high school counselor, Mrs. Porter, already had experience with Senior High before the establishment of the middle school in 2019. As the National Honor Society advisor, she has frequently interacted with high school students in the past few years. Despite her previous experience, she has stated, “there are more changes in the high school than I would have thought” after her three years away from the high school. With Porter’s shift back to high school, WBHS needed someone to fill her shoes. Mr. Caldwell now occupies the middle school counselor position in the former spot of Mrs. Porter. Mrs. Jennifer Porter has stated that despite Hubler’s leaving, good things will continue to happen with the help of our guidance department.

Changes to the West Branch guidance departments do not end with middle and high school. In our elementary, the guidance counselor Mrs. Elliot is in the process of shifting over to a different school district. Mrs. Elliot, previously known as Miss Groboski or Miss G, has been a staff member of West Branch for over six years and will be missed. The district is now looking for a new elementary counselor, as Elliot leaves in October. Best of luck to Mrs. Elliot in her future endeavors; the community is fortunate for the time she served.

Congratulations to Mrs. Porter and Mr. Caldwell for their new positions at The Branch! Warrior Watch sends gratitude for their dedication to their roles and students.