Meet the Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders welcome new faces to the 2022-2023 squad.


Image/Graphics by Alisa Liptak

The cheer squad supports the U.S. National Guard at the WB vs. Conemaugh Township football game.

The cheerleaders of the 2022-2023 school year are excited to welcome some new faces to the squad. The squad gained four newcomers this season: Jordan Walker, Skyla Baker, Joelle Fletcher, and Summara Myers.

Led by captains Madison McDowell and Jessica Batcho, there are 11 members on the squad. Cheerleading is a terrific outlet for school-age students. Freshman Jordan Walker has been in cheerleading since she was in 3rd grade. She explains, “I started doing gymnastics and as I got older decided cheerleading would be more fun.” On the other hand, Sophomore Carly Watro says, “I had a dream one night and the next morning I joined.”

Head Coach Heather Dobo, Junior Varsity Coach Alisa Liptak, and Assistant Coach Mallorie Maines all work hard to keep the squad moving and improving. Whether working on new routines or just practicing old ones, coach collaboration is crucial for team success. Currently, they are working on new patterns with the girls in preparation for competitions that will start with Districts on December 10th, followed hopefully by states on January 27th. Junior Dorothy Bailor only participates in competitions and winter cheer, meaning she will join the girls in a couple of weeks.

The coaches organize the lineup by cheering confidence, voice volume, stunt formation, and stature and power. The main base is one of the more significant positions in stunts, considering they set the height and strength of what the second base position needs to be. This year’s primary base group is Jessica Batcho, Hailey Amos, and Layla Thompson. A second base is similar to a first base, requiring certain height and strength criteria, which Alayna Phillps and Kelcie English fulfill. Flyers are determined by weight and stability because they have to be able to be lifted and thrown in the air. Skylah Baker, Jordan Walker, and Addison Wessel are the WB flyers. Teams select the back base by strength and ability to raise who the flyer is. If the back can not hold the flyer on their own, they can not back that girl. Carly Watro and Joelle Fletcher are the backs this year.

All in all, the girls are excited about the newcomers and the upcoming events this school year.