Heart of the Warrior

A Warrior’s heart is one of courage despite all odds.


Image/Graphics by Tanner Schwiderske

Artwork of the Warrior mascot on the field house, representing the heart of the Warrior in students at West Branch.

The Warrior Heart represents the strength and courage within the West Branch community. Students can evaluate their character to see if they have the heart of a Warrior or learn to grow one. 

There are ways to tell if you have a Warrior’s heart. People may not always understand your motives, as you can appear insensitive, but you have good intentions. A Warrior tries their best; they may not always succeed, but your worst critic is yourself. Second, a Warrior protects those they love and care for and takes pride in helping them. The people you love get priority, and their safety fuels your happiness. Next, you do what is necessary for the greater good: you make difficult decisions and take action to help, but at the risk of appearing mean. Fourthly, you fight for what you believe in; you have a strong sense of justice and commitment. A Warrior prefers doing what feels genuine versus what provides or makes the most material gain. You are also typically quiet, leaving people to their views. Yet when it comes to personal opinions, a Warrior speaks up, regardless of the consequences. Finally, you are a fighter who overcomes obstacles. It might take a while to recover, but no matter what, a Warrior finds the strength to persevere. You use the force necessary to keep your heart open.

The mascot here at West Branch is a Warrior, representing the commitment and bravery of students, staff, athletes, and the entire West Branch community. Matthew Eirich says, “I believe that our community has really been Warriors when someone has been hurt in the community. Whether it be a death, an accident, or just financial troubles, West Branch has always tried its hardest to help families. The Sue Betts foundation, Aiden’s army, –even the 50/50 raffles that go on at the football games– all of them help people in our community or for our community.” 

Mrs. Dickson explains, “When my brother recently passed away due to an accident, many of the staff checked on me, ate lunch with me, and gave me cards. Many of the students also were there for me and gifted me with flowers and candy. It was nice to see the support in such a rough time.” 

The Warrior represents how the West Branch community has hearts of Warriors. The community shows courage, determination, looking out for each other, doing the right thing, and strength. Strength to keep going, strength to help, and strength to be brave.