West Branch Students Give Thanks

Warrior students express their gratitude in true Thanksgiving spirit.


Image/Graphics by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

An on-theme photo of autumn leaves and “give thanks” for Thankgiving.

With Thanksgiving approaching this week, Americans will focus on showing appreciation and giving thanks. But what are the students of the West Branch community really thankful for in their lives? The word thankful means expressing gratitude and relief. Although many of the students at West Branch think of similar things that they are grateful for, many also think of different ideas.

Several West Branch students described people in their lives when asked what they are thankful for, such as friends, family, teachers, teammates, and coaches. Many students also proclaimed how they are appreciative of their pets as well. One of these students included Hannah Betts, a senior, who said she is thankful for her “friends, family, coaches, and dogs.” This trend seems to also follow through to the younger grades, as freshman Bella Koleno says she is thankful for “the time I get to spend with my family.” Another senior, Erika Alexander, kept it short and sweet by declaring, “I’m thankful for my dog.”

Now, not all students are just thankful for the people and pets in their lives. Some students of West Branch are grateful for the opportunities they have in their lives, especially those that not all others can experience. Matt Eirich, a junior, is a prime example of this. Matt explained, “I’m thankful for being able to come to school and get an education.” 

Some other students of West Branch had more unique ideas of gratefulness. One student, Emmie Parks, paid tribute to her favorite fast food place by stating, “I’m thankful for Chick-fil-A.” While another, Nathan Clark, kept it simple by expressing, “I’m just thankful for food.” The students also value the energy drinks that get them through school. Like Noah Ryder, who says, “I’m thankful for my Reigns.” Another senior, Hayley Wooster, brought sports into the mix by saying she is thankful for “the Astros winning the world series.” While another student, Tayla Dorbolo, brought up her interests and a program that helps her in school by explaining, “I’m thankful for Grammarly Premium and music.” 

Overall, the students of West Branch have all sorts of things to be thankful for, whether that is people, an event, or something that makes them happy. With the holidays around the corner, the Warrior Watch staff encourages everyone to embrace what they are thankful for and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Hannah Betts with Emmie Parks, one of the many friends she's thankful for.
Hannah Betts with Emmie Parks, one of the many friends she’s thankful for.
(Image/Graphics by Crystal Parks)