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Advice for New Student Workers

Tips and tricks for students planning to start their first job.
Students may struggle when first starting a job, but these tips can help in getting hired.
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Students may struggle when first starting a job, but these tips can help in getting hired.

Before getting a first job, there are many things to consider, mainly because juggling school and a job can be difficult. Many students forget all they need to contemplate before getting a job and deciding where to work; some students need extra help starting this new chapter. Students may struggle with finding employment, especially regarding their first job. However, the student workers at West Branch have some advice that could help those entering the workforce. The first thing to consider before applying for jobs is work readiness. Students must know if they are of age or mature enough for a job. Many need help with transportation to their job and balancing their grades and sports; they must be prepared to handle those responsibilities. 


Student workers must arrange their transportation method to work, especially when they cannot take themself. Before getting a job, it is essential to have a reliable transportation source that is always available. Many students drive themselves, have family take them, and even walk as long as they can make it to their shift on time. West Branch worker Noah Ryder stated, “West Branch does not have a lot of job opportunities, but there are still local places hiring. Key Largo’s, Mountain View Market Place, and Minit Mart are all good places to work when looking for your first job.” Before applying for jobs, assess the location. Consider the convenience of being transported from home to work. Without stable transportation, it probably is not the wisest choice to work in farther places such as Clearfield or Philipsburg.


Another thing to ponder for a first job is having good grades or your ability to keep up with your schoolwork. Many students struggle with managing school and their job, so they should be aware of workplace accommodations. If they have difficulty keeping their grades up, the student should reconsider getting a job. Many places will not be very kind and sympathetic if you fall behind in school; they may not give fewer shifts without judgment. Students should be able to handle schoolwork and their job, as responsibility and time management are significant. 


Finally, students should consider sports when getting their first job. Many West Branch students are also athletes, so they must know if they can perform well in school, their job, and sports. If they plan to maintain a position during the sports season, the job should be willing to be flexible with their sports schedule. Or vice versa, the sport must be adaptable to the work schedule. More times than not, you will be scheduled to work during a sports event and will have to plan what you need to do and what you should prioritize. Playing sports can also take away your job opportunities; not all workplaces would like a worker who can only work one day every week in a whole season. When getting your first job, you have to know whether or not they will be flexible with your schedule. 

I hope these tips and things to consider will help you search for your first job! These areas are all vital to consider before getting and while you have your first job. Not all may apply to you, but many students have struggled before in the areas covered!


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Tayla Dorbolo
Tayla Dorbolo, Staff Writer
Hi, my name is Tayla Dorbolo! I’m a senior here at West Branch! I’m a member of Student Government and National Honor Society. Go Warriors!