Track and Field is Back!

Spring is here, and Track is back in season.


Image/Graphics by Braden Brown

Junior Logan Kolp tries out Javelin on a recent chilly, outdoor practice.

Have you been searching for something fun and exciting to fill those long after-school hours? You would be lucky because Track and Field season is back in business. Mr.Carr gathered almost 35 students for the West Branch team this year.
If you are interested in throwing things, jumping, or running, you are in the right place because Track has a wide selection of competitions for each activity.

In throwing events, options include Javelin, Shot Put, or Discus. Azadio Vargas, Logan Kolp, and others are doing shotput. Marley Croyle, Skyler Hebel, and Braden Brown are throwing javelin. Kevin Hurley, Destiny Koppenhaver, Madison McDowell, and more are throwing discus.

Among the jumping events are: High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and Pole Vault. Isaiah Bloom and Joel Evans are competing in the high jump. Robert Walker, Payten Johnson, Emily Parks, Skylah Baker, and other student-athletes are doing the triple jump. Robert Walker, Marley Croyle, and possibly Jacob Alexander are pole vaulting.

Lastly, there are also various running events. For sprinting events, there are 100m and 200m sprints. In middle-distance races, there are 400m and 800m. Of the long distances, there are 1600m and 3200m. There are also relay races and hurdles. Craig Fluck, Azadio Vargas, and Nick Stavola will participate in sprinting events. Running middle distance races and relays, Sage Carr, John Stavola, Joel Evans, Noah Ryder, Braden Brown, and Jacob Alexander will be running, with Kevin Hurley in long distance. Jacob and Isaiah will also be competing in hurdles.

With track season starting back up, Coach Josh Carr says, ”Hard work will make all your dreams come true.” Track and Field practices are almost every day, directly after school until the end of the season. Each practice lasts around an hour and a half. There should hopefully be a solid running team, as Josh has been holding pre-season practices since the fall. Hopefully, what Josh says holds for this season, and our athletes make states!