Senior Spotlight: Kaylee Wills

Warrior Watch introduces senior Kaylee Wills!


Image/Graphics by Manning Photography

The senior formal portrait of Kaylee Wills, Class of 2023.

Kaylee Wills is graduating from West Branch Area High School alongside her classmates of 2023. She was the first runner-up for Homecoming Queen. For her favorite memory, Kaylee said, “I don’t have any specifics, but I miss Elementary School/early High School. I feel like we all took our childhood for granted; it might not have been perfect but it was ‘simple.’ Also, a lot of people from the Class of 2023 moved over the years and I miss most of them.” The teacher that made the most positive impact on Kaylee was Mrs. Hunt. She said, “In early High School I wasn’t the most ‘easy’ student and she still treated me the same as everybody else. To this day, she is always offering to help and doing little things for me AND other students. If you were hungry around Mrs. Hunt, she would be the teacher to offer you their lunch.” After high school, Kaylee is going to Lock Haven University to major in Elementry Education.

Facts about Kaylee:

Nickname: “Kay”
Hobbies: Spending time outside, caring for her animals, painting, drawing, and crafting
Favorite cafeteria food: Popcorn Chicken Bowl or Buffalo Chicken Dip
Advice to underclassmen: “Have fun- but don’t fall behind. It will ALWAYS add up and you will probably cry yourself to sleep.”