Senior Spotlight: Kaitlyn McGonigal

Warrior Watch introduces senior Kaitlyn McGonigal!


Image/Graphics by Manning Photography

The senior formal portrait of Kaitlyn McGonigal, Class of 2023.

Kaitlyn McGonigal will graduate from West Branch Area High School alongside the Class of 2023. She was involved in basketball for two years, softball for three years, Warrior Watch for five years, Student Government for two years, Book Club for one year, National Honor Society for two years, and the Yearbook for one year.

Kaitlyn’s favorite memory from school was when Gabe McCamley tackled her in the hallway in sixth grade, but she was the one to get in trouble. Although she said she was very thankful for all her teachers, the teacher that most positively impacted Kaitlyn was Mrs. Peterson. She said, “Over the years, she has mentored me in several aspects of school, from her role as the Gifted Program Advisor, my Introduction to Sociology teacher, and now my Media Arts/Warrior Watch teacher. She has been a strong role model for most of my life, and I am so grateful to have her in class one last time before graduating.”

Some awards Kaitlyn has received are the Crystal Berkley Top Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Awards, the Lady Warrior Softball Scholastic Awards (2021/2022), and the CNB Top Pre-Calculus Student Award. In the fall, Kaitlyn will attend Lock Haven University for Biology with a minor in Psychology. Her end goal is to become a Neuropsychologist.

Facts about Kaitlyn:

Nickname: “Kait”
Hobbies: Reading and taking her dogs on walks
Favorite cafeteria food: Hershey’s Orange Blossom Bars
Advice to underclassmen: “Take classes you enjoy that will help you complete your personal goals– don’t build your schedule based on what your friends are doing. Challenge yourself! Choosing courses better suited to your interests and aspirations can expose you to new relationships and be more beneficial in the long run. Be kind to yourself and others.”