Kindness Challenge


Madison Kephart, Author

The Kindness Challenge is a challenge presented in our school in order to help change some of the issues that had been presented by the school climate committee. The school climate surveyed the community, faculty, and staff. The data collected from these surveys showed that the students did not relate well to each other and bullying was prominent, as in many schools. They concluded the kids needed to improve their politeness and kindness towards others. In light of this knowledge, it was suggested that the Kindness Challenge that had been in place for the previous years be expanded.

This Kindness Challenge started on 22nd of January and will run through the 14th of February. Each week there is a Challenge presented that the students participate in throughout the week.  

Challenge 1 (week 1)- Social Media Challenge: Students are challenged to post photos of acts of kindness on social media ( Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) with #wbkindness. Each time a student posts a picture with the hashtag he or she is entered in a prize drawing that is pulled at the end of each week. This challenge will continue until 2/16. So make sure to get your pictures posted !!

Challenge 2 (week 2)- Kindness Bingo: Students have been issued a paper copy and emailed bingo boards with an act of kindness in each square. Once the student completes an act of kindness he or she will to go to a teacher and have that teacher sign off. To win a BINGO the student has to have five in a row. This qualifies the student to be entered in the prize drawings that will be pulled on 2/15 and 2/16.

Challenge 3 (week 3)- Surround the School with Kindness: Students will be asked to write acts of kindness that they have done throughout the week on a small strip of paper. These slips of paper will be used to create a paper chain that will be hung around the new section of our cafeteria.