Movie Review: Moxie


Image/Graphics by photo credits to WhatToWatch

Netflix’s 2021 drama opens eyes to sexism in High School.

The recently released Netflix movie Moxie reveals the audience to a series of real issues in today’s world. Both a comedy and a drama, Moxie displays issues of sexism in high schools throughout America quite wonderfully. 

This movie’s main character Vivian, played by Hadley Robinson, is a 16-year-old high school student and has always tended to keep her head down and stay out of the spotlight when it comes to just about anything. When a new female student comes along, Vivian begins to notice the harassment occurring toward the new girl, by her fellow male students, and decides she will no longer be a bystander. She begins to investigate the actions. Meanwhile, the school does nothing in order to stop the harassment. 

Vivian later secretly publishes a revolutionary article named Moxie to uncover bias and injustice in her high school and unintentionally starts a revolution, motivated by her mother’s (Amy Poehler) rebellious history. Now smack dab in the middle of an uprising women’s movement, Vivian continues to form new alliances with several other girls, women, and supporters. Reaching through cliques and clubs, they learn to experience the positives and negatives of high school life.

The soundtrack throughout this film along with the compelling cast makes this moving film even more incredible. The music played during Moxie boasts even more feminist energy than the film itself, capturing all of the feminist spirit given off by the film. 

Moxie is an extremely well-thought-out and perfectly put-together film that will most certainly open your eyes to issues that female high school students in America face on a daily basis. In my greatest opinion, everyone should give this movie a try, especially high school personnel and staff.