Staff Member of the Month: Kaitlyn Kennedy


Image/Graphics by Kaitlyn McGonigal

Mrs. Kennedy working hard at her podium to finish off the day.

Warrior Watch’s Staff Member of October is Kaitlyn Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy is in her fifth year at West Branch and it is currently her first year teaching high school. This year she teaches English 9, Advanced Composition, Drama, and Career Writing. With all of the new responsibilities she has taken on this school year, we would like to give Mrs. Kennedy the recognition she deserves.

Kaitlyn Kennedy graduated from Conemaugh Township High School in 2012. She participated in a multitude of activities such as the rifle team, soccer, NHS, Student Council, and more. She first expressed her love for English by constantly reading books and even writing poems. As is the case for many teachers, high school was a developmental period for Mrs. Kennedy. One of her motivating mentors was her high-school science teacher, Mr. Hazlett. She explains that he helped her through obstacles, decision-making, and stepping out of her comfort zone. Mrs. Kennedy gives her former teacher credit for showing her how to be her best self: the inspiring and understanding teacher she is today.

Post high school, Mrs. Kennedy journeyed on to attend Murray State University. Her love for analysis and literary elements pushed her to acquire a degree in English. Mrs. Kennedy says, “I knew I wanted to have a career where I could inspire kids to enjoy reading and writing instead of loathing it.” After getting hired at West Branch in 2017, Mrs. Kennedy continued her studies in pursuit of a Master’s degree from Wilson College until 2020. Ever since, she has kept growing as a teacher, a mentor, and a mom.

Along with teaching all new classes, Mrs. Kennedy has taken on the role of our Student Government Advisor. This job requires strong leadership skills, communication, and organization. Student Government is in charge of planning assemblies, holiday decorations, fundraisers, and all sorts of events. Most recently, she had the main part in organizing Homecoming 2021. Since she had past experience being on student council; it is not all unfamiliar territory. However, Mrs. Kennedy has already conquered tasks she had never done before. She continues to learn more every step of the way, and we thank her for the dedication she has already given to her new title.

Aside from school duties, Mrs. Kennedy also has her hands full at home. In her first year at West Branch, she was known as Ms. Wilson. The following summer, Mrs. Kennedy married her husband, Ryan. Fun fact: Ryan is from South Africa!  They have a toddler named Layla and a Saint Bernard named Gatsby. When she has free time, she loves to be outdoors or do hair and makeup. To Mrs. Kennedy, family is everything.

After everything she has done for the community, Warrior Watch is proud to have her as a member of the West Branch Staff. Congratulations to Kaitlyn Kennedy for earning Staff Member of October!