Book Review: She Drives Me Crazy


Image/Graphics by Legends of Tomorrow Podcast

She Drives Me Crazy is a fun-filled, cheesy romance that will leave you with those warm, fuzzy feelings you’ll never forget

There has always been a certain charm to the classic enemies-to-lovers trope for decades. Combine that with the sweet awkwardness of a high school rom-com, and you have the perfect casual read for a rainy day. I have found the perfect book: She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlin. This story has the best mix of unrealistic love and awkward moments.

At the start of our story, Scottie Zajac is losing her first basketball game. The worst part is that her ex is on the team. After a humiliating loss, it couldn’t get worse for Scottie, until she gets into a fender bender with Irene Abraham, the head cheerleader with a fairly high popularity status (who Scottie hates, for a fair reason). Irene’s car needs to go to a shop, and both Scottie and Irene’s parents decide it’s a great idea to have Scottie take Irene to school till her car is fixed.

When Scottie is humiliated and misses her ex (detect a theme), she comes up with a perfect plan. Irene loves cheerleading, but her parents disapprove, and they think it’s not something to be taken seriously. But she needs the said money for cheerleading. Who do you think has the money to give to Irene? Scottie. And who can give Scottie a boost in popularity so she can win her self center ex back? Irene.

So, the 80s-themed fake dating scheme is a go, and things are rocky. Something I liked about this story is the dialogue between Irene and Scottie; their conversations flow, even when they’re snippy with each other. Nothing seems forced, and their behavior is natural; you’re not questioning why the characters are doing what they’re doing.

The story also did a good portrayal of a breakup that wasn’t necessarily the healthiest, and the healing process. I like how the ending was realistic but still had that campy romance rom-coms are known for. Overall I would recommend She Drives Me Crazy.