Seniors Prepare for Impending Mock Interviews

Seniors approach graduation with upcoming mock interviews.


Image/Graphics by Getty_Images/iStockphoto

Learn what to expect out of your first real-world job interview.

Are you a senior? Are you currently attending West Branch? Those who fall into both criteria should be in preparation for the approaching mock interviews this Thursday, April 20th.

While they are a graduation requirement, mock interviews are a beneficial experience for students and an excellent opportunity to learn what to expect in a real-world interview– with less pressure and fewer consequences. Individual interviews will take roughly 15-20 minutes and run from 8:00 a.m. until noon. Students should expect to answer questions, act appropriately, bring a completed résumé and other materials, and wear the correct attire.

Possible interview questions one could foresee will be asking about personal strengths and weaknesses and plans they have in mind for the future. For example, future-related prompts may include how their career will progress and where they intend to be in five to ten years. The interviewer will also seek to know characteristics that make an individual different from other applicants. They will want to know the qualities students uniquely have to offer a company, how well they can function in high-pressure situations, any leadership skills that define them, and ultimately what motivates them to work. “These interviews help prepare us for when we are out of school,” says Erika Alexander.

Seniors will be presumed to apply professionalism in the same manner as if they were attending an actual interview. First, introduce yourself, shake hands with the interviewer, and let them invite you to sit down. Students must power off cell phones and should not check them during the interview. The seniors should be attentive to the interviewer and even ask questions. Confidence, enthusiasm, eye contact, and friendliness are beneficial.

Seniors should prepare a résumé, background information about the interviewer (name and position), and answers to the previously discussed questions. Students shall wear formal attire, such as slacks, button-down shirts, or nice blouses. Look neat and presentable! Any articles of clothing breaking the school dress code are unacceptable.

Best of luck to the Class of 2023 on Thursday, as the interview is one step closer to graduation!