Forthcoming West Branch Elementary Building Renovations

West Branch Elementary School prepares to undergo major renovations over the next 30-36 months.


Image/Graphics by WJAC

Big changes are coming to the West Branch Elementary School.

West Branch Elementary School has been a beloved fixture of the community for over half a century, but with time, the building has begun to show its age. With outdated facilities and limited space, students and staff alike have struggled to make the most of their time at school. However, over the next 30 to 36 months, significant renovations are set to begin, bringing many exciting changes to the campus.

One of the most exciting transformations on the horizon is the addition of new and expanded classrooms, complete with new system upgrades to ensure the health and safety of students and staff. New HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems and instructional spaces will also be installed and implemented. The school’s parking lot and drop-off areas will also be improved, due to the current congestion of our parking lot.

As part of the upcoming elementary renovations, the school will expand and improve classroom and instructional spaces. Updates will involve the construction of new classrooms, as well as the modification of existing areas to make them more functional and conducive to learning. The new classroom designs will have modern teaching techniques in mind, as well as the addition of classroom doors with flexible layouts that teachers can adapt to different styles of instruction.

In addition to the classroom spaces, the district will upgrade the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems. Changing the networking will help to ensure that the building is comfortable and safe for students and staff, with adjustable and reliable heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to meet the needs of different areas of the school.

As Superintendent Mark Mitchell stated, “The West Branch Renovation Project is aimed at improving safety and functionality of the elementary school building. The project is driven by three primary goals: safety, system upgrades, and new needs”. The West Branch renovation project aims to improve the safety and functionality of the elementary school building. The project follows three primary goals: safety, system upgrades, and new needs.

Focusing on these goals will provide a safer, more comfortable, and more effective learning environment for the school community. Overall, the West Branch renovation project represents a significant investment in the school and its students’ futures. By addressing the school’s needs today and moving forward, the project will help ensure that West Branch Elementary School remains a great place to learn and grow for generations to come.