March Madness: The Greatest Show in Sports

The college basketball world has been eagerly awaiting all year to go dancing in March.
Anticipation mounts as college basketballs greatest event gets underway.
Anticipation mounts as college basketball’s greatest event gets underway.
Image/Graphics by Carrie Peterson

As March Madness is right around the corner, basketball fans everywhere eagerly await the big dance. Since the regular season has come to a close, the official brackets have been released. Atop the charts are the four #1 seeds in the tournament: the Houston Cougars, the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Purdue Boilermakers, and the Connecticut Huskies. Seating a #1 seed is no light task. These teams dominated the regular season, and look to continue into the postseason. These elite programs look to win it all in Phoenix.

With that being said, there are no guarantees when March rolls around, as upsets can happen on any given night. Basketball fans across America are eagerly sending in their brackets, hoping to become the first person in history to predict the outcome of each game accurately. When it comes to March and bracket-making, you have to predict the unpredictable. Every year has its storylines, Cinderella runs, underdogs, and powerhouses. Looking back to last year’s tournament, #16-seeded Fairleigh Dickenson took on the daunting task of defeating #1-seeded Purdue and completing the largest upset in tournament history.

Therefore, don’t forget to turn in your brackets and keep up with the action. Every game is life or death in March. Also, consider joining a bracket group with your friends and family to compete and see who can predict the most games correctly. 

When asked about his bracket, West Branch freshman Kaleb Warren-Kio stated, “I think Creighton will win. I think that they’ll beat UCONN in the National Championship game. Creighton already beat them in the regular season, and they have proven themselves to be the team to beat.”

In the end, only one of the sixty-four teams in the tournament will reign supreme, and cut down the nets as National Champions. Whichever team it may be, their names will be engraved into the history books forever. For basketball fans around the world, this is the best time of year. The best talent in the world against the best talent in the world.

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