Lover, Stalker, Killer Movie Review

The movie Lover, Stalker, Killer is a new documentary on Netflix.
Lover, Stalker, Killer is currently available to watch on Netflix.
Lover, Stalker, Killer is currently available to watch on Netflix.
Image/Graphics by Thibault Penin

The new documentary– Lover, Stalker, Killer– just released on Netflix and has already reached the top ten most popular movies and is still increasing. The documentary shows the story of a stalker going to extreme measures to prove her love to a man. The documentary follows an interview/recreation format. Interviews with the police and others involved in the case make up the majority. The show is a ride of suspense, thrills, and even sadness. The true-crime documentary follows a mechanic, Dave Kroupa, who moves to a new town to be closer to his children who live with his ex-wife. He decides to try a dating app and gets more than he bargained for.

The basis of the story is a love triangle gone awry. Stalking, arson, and ultimately a death make it a captivating story. The visuals of the crime scene add a level of realism to the documentary and the recreations that include Kroupa himself create a unique format that will engage audiences. 

I think Lover, Stalker, Killer has been one of the best documentaries in a long time and I think other people would agree. Junior, Evelyn Lloyd says, “ Even though I’m not a huge fan of horror shows, I found this documentary interesting because it was less scary and more intriguing to see why someone would do that.” While the crime itself is fascinating, I would also say that it teaches people to be aware of the risks involved in dating, and acts as a strong reminder to people of how the internet can be dangerous. There is something for all fans of true crime and thrillers. While some people might still not be convinced, the reviews of the movie should persuade you to watch it. The documentary currently has 5 stars from 83% of the people who reviewed it giving it a 4-star rating. It’s no wonder that this true-crime show has been in the top ten on Netflix. So, if you’re looking for something to watch over the break or something to keep you up at night, check out Lover, Stalker, Killer on Netflix.

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