Off to a Great Start

The 2022-2023 school year starts off strongly.


Image/Graphics by Carly Watro and Evelyn Lloyd

A student works on their computer as classes develop a routine.

The 2022-2023 school year opened with the hope of normality after the disruptions over the past three years. The building has seen some changes over the summer, and students have mixed emotions about this school year; some are excited, while others are sad.

Senior Raven Myers is eager to “give high school one last year of her life” but fearful of the school year coming to an end. Whereas, freshman Skyler Hebel is afraid to “keep up with grades because they start counting for college,” but excited about volleyball season. Although students are unhappy about coming back for various reasons (like getting up earlier, seeing people they are unfond of or people who do not fancy them, and having to do assignments), several students are excited about sports, friends, and events.

The building has also gotten some new improvements. Custodian, Tim Beveridge, remodeled the stage in the auditorium by putting new hardwood flooring down: stained hardwood in the front and a blacked-out poly board in the back of the stage. We now have the tech office in the elementary, which is difficult for the high schoolers but suitable for the Tech Department and the elementary staff. There are now more charging stations for computers or phones; the charging stations are in the Cafeteria, Main Office, and Library.

In order to streamline district communication, parents and students are now encouraged to sign up for ParentSquare: an online platform for parents and teachers to communicate about upcoming events or to talk about grades, along with an efficient way for teachers and staff to announce upcoming events and assignments to students.

Among the staff, there are also a few new teachers in the high school: Mrs. Dickson and Miss. McClelland. Mrs. Dickson is not a fresh staff member but is new to the high school. She joined West Branch for the 2021-2022 school year, teaching 8th-grade English in middle school. Now she teaches Public Speaking, Career Writing, Intro to Drama, Advanced Composition, and English 9. Miss. McClelland is new to the district and teaching. For her first year of teaching, she instructs Geometry, Consumer Math, and Calculus. Miss. McClelland has also filled the roles of Junior Class Advisor and Student Government Advisor.

The school year seems to be off to a good start. Students and staff are optimistic to see how the year goes.