West Branch PSATs

West Branch offers PSATs to sophomores and juniors on October 12th.


Image/Graphics by Lily Jones

The PSAT Student Guide that can be used as a study tool for the test.

All West Branch juniors and sophomores have the chance to take the PSATs on Wednesday, October 12th. The PSAT stands for Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. Although most people do not enjoy tests, the PSAT is a fantastic college preparation tool.

The PSAT is the practice test for the SAT, an admission requirement for many post-secondary schools. It is a standardized test containing concepts from high-school-level Math and English courses. Students looking to attend college for a four-year degree will most likely need an SAT score to be accepted. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous universities eliminated SAT requirements. While many schools are reverting to SAT scores again, it may vary which ones require SAT scores and which do not.

Taking the PSAT might be an idea to consider if you plan on enrolling in a 4-year post-secondary program. It is a perfect opportunity to practice for the SAT. For sophomores, the cost is $18, but for juniors, the test is cost-free. If there are any questions regarding the PSAT, reach out to our high school guidance counselor, Mrs. Porter, before October 11th.