Student Obsessions

A view into the different obsessions of students at West Branch Area High School.


Image/Graphics by Logan Kyler

Junior Logan Kyler’s wall of his collector’s unopened Hot Wheels cars.

Students with personalities and obsessions are flooding the hallways of West Branch daily. While some may be into playing video games and photography, others may be passionate about sports, movies, travel, music, instruments, and more. Prepare to dive into the diverse West Branch student obsessions, including their favorite sports teams, musical artists, and leisure activities.

Ninth-grade student Mason Amos is a drummer in our school’s band and loves playing chess with his friends. He may have made chess a popular sensation for the ninth-grade student body. During his lunch period, they often sit at a table and play with Mason’s chess set; sometimes, Andrew Koppenhaver, Bradon Conklin, Bryce English, Evan Emigh, and others join in.

Other ninth graders, Jonah Porter, Liam Brown, and Toby Mebs, are in West Branch E-sports and respectably like to play video games. Toby Mebs also plays on our Warrior football team and enjoys riding dirt bikes. Another ninth-grade student, Tyler Chilcote, plays baseball for the Warriors and says his favorite band is the American rock band Blink-182.

Makiya Mack, a sophomore, loves to play volleyball and loves American actress Zendaya. Another tenth grader, Lily Williams, loves the rock band Casting Crowns, and her favorite celebrity is Ryan Reynolds. Her favorite hobby is playing basketball.

Zane Woodling, a junior, plays baseball for the Warriors, his favorite hobby. He also says he used to play senior league baseball for Allport and played for Winburne three years prior.

Current 11th-grade cyber student Logan Kyler is obsessed with cars. His favorite is “the 1968 boss 302 or 2020 Shelby GT Mustang.” He has nearly an entire wall of his bedroom covered with Hot Wheels cars still in their boxes. He also plays on the Altoona Trackers hockey team and is a drummer in the West Branch band.

Now that you know some students’ obsessions, maybe you have something in common with one of them. Take the opportunity to make new friends.