Movie Review: The Super Mario Bros. Movie


Image/Graphics by Universal Pictures

An official poster image for The Super Mario Bros. Movie distributed by Universal Pictures.

The PG animated film The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been in theaters since April 5th, 2023. The movie is an adaptation of the various Mario Bros. Nintendo video games, first released in 1985 and still being made today. The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a 7.4/10 on IMDb, a 58% Rotten Tomatoes score, and 4.7/5 stars from Google reviewers. The film features Chris Pratt voicing Mario and Jack Black as Bowser.

According to IMDb, the movie is about “A Brooklyn plumber named Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom with a princess named Peach and an anthropomorphic mushroom named Toad to find Mario’s brother, Luigi, and to save the world from a ruthless fire-breathing Koopa named Bowser.”  

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is on my top five list of best movies this year. It may seem like a cheesy animated movie to draw youngster attention because it has Mario and Luigi. You may also think the film is terrible because it is a video game adaptation with a lousy reputation for flopping or being disliked by fans (there are a few exceptions considering The Last of Us series). The movie is excellent and is a good watch for people of all ages. The stunning animation and quality alone are enough for lots of people to enjoy, perhaps being one of the best-looking animated movies of all time. 

With beautiful worlds and surroundings, realistic yet also cartoony enough to fit the world of the Mario video games. There is also a surprising amount of detail, considering the Mario franchise games typically do not have much story or plot. You simply play the game. The movie added characters such as Mario’s parents and family members, some of their life in Brooklyn, and how they got to the Mushroom Kingdom in the first place. The voice acting is also very well done and displays the characters well. The music combines the original Mario video games with orchestral music to make a unique and outstanding soundtrack that can also deliver nostalgia for those who have played the original games.

In conclusion, do not let the semi-low ratings discourage you or your family from watching this movie. The film was much better than anticipated and enjoyable. From remarkable animation to a modern yet nostalgic soundtrack, I give The Super Mario Bros. Movie an 8.9/10.