The Warrior Band’s New Patriotic Show

Mr. Jones talks about the patriotic show and his mindset when choosing it.
Mr. Jones Directing the band members during camp over the summer.
Mr. Jones Directing the band members during camp over the summer.
Image/Graphics by Jacob Michael

The West Branch Warrior Marching Band is back and working hard after winning the best AA band in the summer’s Clearfield parade. After last year’s patriotic spring concert, Mr. Jones is following it up with a new patriotic Marching Band show this year, “Americana”. After the band’s introduction to Aaron Copland in the spring, Mr. Jones thought it would be an organic transition to put Aaron Copland’s music on the field. Working hard over the summer Mr. Jones and the band are hoping for more than just a good show this year in hopes of getting invited to the State Capitol Building or Gettysburg to play. If the band can merit the invitations they will be including songs from the concert and this year’s show including “Yankee Fanfare” by Travis Weller, “Lincoln at Gettysburg” by Barry E. Kopetz, “Fanfare For the Common Man” by Aaron Copland, and more. 

 About 30 years ago West Branch was invited and played at the State Capitol Building.  When Mr. Jones started working with the band in 2019, he had always wanted them to return. In his former job, he took his band to both the State Capitol Building and Gettysburg, it was a great experience, and said, “People are coming from all over the world who are coming in and out of the building and stopping to listen to you”. The West Branch Warrior Band having this experience could change a person’s view of their future, being around random people appreciating the music, and stopping to listen can spark something for anyone. 

During the fun yet hardworking summer, the band learned how to play a beautiful chorale and finale,  “Appalachian Spring” by Aaron Copland, a classic “Spirt of America”, and another great piece by Aaron Copland,  “Fanfare For the Common Man”. In the summer the band had a week to work on their show, enduring some pushing from Mr. Jones but being rewarded with fun activities at the end of each day, and a great show. Although the band’s marching and formations don’t have anything to do with the music, watching the band and the band front do what they love is a wonderful thing!

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