My Crash Course Anatomy Experience with Dissection


Last Monday and Tuesday I got to witness our juniors and seniors that are currently taking anatomy to dissect minks. The students all came into class promptly and started to work on a variety of tasks including removing and identifying specific organs and regions of the mink. While laughing and joking with Mrs. McGonigal about ureters, the students filled in papers and learned more about anatomy. The students identified the liver, esophagus trachea, lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, spleen, kidneys, and many other things.  Anatomy is a course that is taken mostly by juniors and seniors who are going into the medical field or students who think it is cool and love Mrs. McGonigal. Mrs. Mcgonigal says “It is important to study dissection because students have to take animal parts and relate them to human parts because we can’t dissect a human body here at school.” I also learned valuable life lessons from the students like “formaldehyde stinks and don’t drink it.” My crash course experience in anatomy was super cool and I advise anyone thinking about a career in healthcare to take it their junior or senior year.

Warning: pictures show dissection parts

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  • mink

  • spleen

  • The full length of the intestine

  • stomach

  • Inside of a stomach

  • Heart

  • Trachea and lungs

  • esophagus

  • kidney

  • liver

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