Male Senior Spotlight – Nick Shirey


Photo credits to Pelton Photography

Nick Shirey posing for the camera for a snazzy senior photo.

Nick Shirey has been selected for this week’s male Senior Spotlight. Nick is a senior here at West Branch and also attends the Clearfield Vo Tech Center for automotive mechanics. 

Nick has future plans to get a job at the Penn State University and bring home the bucks! In particular, he wants to get a job in housing or in janitorial services. Many of Nick’s family works at Penn State, so he has gotten some extra inspiration from them.

Nick’s grades will help him get a job outside of high school, being that he is an honor roll student. He keeps his grades high, but school isn’t his only activity he excels at. Nick’s out of school activities include hanging out with friends, repairing tractors with his dad, and playing video games with his friends. 

Facts About Nick:

Parents: Tom and Ellen Shirey

Siblings: Rebecca Shirey

Favorite Car: Nissan R35 GTR

Favorite Video Game: Tom Clancy the Division Two

Favorite Food: Crab 

Favorite Drink: Canada Dry

Favorite Console: PS4