Manifest Series Review

Manifest is a popular series following a group of 200 passengers who go missing in a mysterious phenomenon.

The Manifest title screen graphics for each episode and season.

Image/Graphics by Warner Bros. Television, Compari Entertainment, and/or Jeff Rake Production

The Manifest title screen graphics for each episode and season.

On September 24, 2018, Manifest, the popular supernatural drama television series, was released. Created by the mind of Jeff Rake, it follows a fictional story of airline passengers and their mysterious journey based on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014. Manifest compiles with drama, sci-fi, and horror elements that enhance the show. 

The popular series begins with flight number 828, which flies off from Montego Bay to New York. Miraculously enough, the passengers make it through a treacherous storm and land safely; At least, they believe so. Passengers shortly realized they weren’t as lucky as imagined. Their flight, flight 828, crashes, and all on board become missing. Five and a half years after being presumed dead, they must convince society that the story everyone knows is wrong. The rest of the series follows the passengers and crew as they attempt to find out the truth about what happened to them.

Creator of Manifest, Jeff Rake, shared his intent for the show; We’re telling the same story we were always planning to tell. It’s just a little more concise, a little more packed. Each episode includes slightly more information, which I think is a win for the audience. It makes each episode denser with excitement, action, relationship stories, and mythology. It’s been incredible and gratifying.

Multiple theories are circulating regarding what happened to the plane, including time travel and wormholes. Some viewers suggested that the passengers are from an alternate future, with one plane crashing and the alternate plane landing safely. In the third season, Ben Stone, played by John Dallas, suggested they were all resurrected as they must have died in the crash. However, Saanvi Bahl, played by Parveen Kaur, implied the passengers were all linked to a divine gemstone, Sapphire, introducing a religious element. Fans continue to share their theories on what happened to the plane, as the answer has not yet surfaced.

The Manifest creators floored when NBC canceled it after the third season, with six seasons planned initially. Thankfully Netflix agreed to adopt the series and pick it back up to continue with the Fourth Season. Manifest successfully hits each point ‘The voice,’ or what the passengers would call “callings or 6th sense.” These Callings add an extra problem to their already complicated lives. Overall, Manifest itself is an excellent series; in my opinion, you should watch it in your free time on Netflix!