Movie Review: Enola Holmes 2

A review of Enola Holmes 2, the best movie for young girls who want to show the world that they can do anything they put their minds to.


Image/Graphics by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

A desk lamp highlights a folder of detective cases; a known symbol of mystery.

On October 27th, 2022, Netflix released Enola Holmes 2 as the sequel to Enola Holmes. The film is rated pg-13 and is in the Mystery/Crime category. This movie is about Enola Holmes taking on her first real case as a detective and unraveling the unsolved case of a missing girl. She has to put her independence aside and accept help from some friends from the previous movie while making new ones along the way. Enola works with her brother Sherlock to solve the mystery. 

If you enjoy mysteries and suspense, this sequel to Enola Holmes is a great watch. The first movie goes into her backstory and explains her story by breaking the 4th wall and having flashbacks. If the original sounds good, wait until you see the sequel.

Not only will she need her brother Sherlock but he needs her help as well. It is revealed in the movie that their cases are connected somehow. Once Enola sees her brother in a bad state, she opens up to him, leading to him getting back on his case. His involvement puts Enola closer to solving her case of the missing girl.

The two keep working on their connected cases, but when Enola gets into trouble, Sherlock comes through and saves her. Enola finds herself in even more issues, and her mom comes to her rescue thanks to a tip from Sherlock. This part of the story between a girl and her mom is touching, which is probably why they always flash back to things Enola’s mom taught her about being a detective. Her mom’s suggestions help Enola in the long run. She uses all the tricks her mom taught her and some tactics she picked up from the previous movie.

 I feel that this story was very cleverly written, along with being, the perfect girl power movie because of the stealth and problem-solving demonstrated by Enola making a good empowering female moment. The film shows that no matter how strong someone is, it is never wrong to ask for help. I consider it a 5-star movie with the perfect amount of romance, mystery, and comedy. If you need something engaging to watch on lazy, cold winter days, I recommend Enola Holmes 2. The only downside to this movie is that it is 2 hours and 9 minutes long. However, it is such a good movie you won’t even realize it’s that long.